Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June 2011

I'm feeling a little better about the strange weight gain thing from last week - like it wasn't somehow my fault or a curse of the gods (or perhaps as Oprah would possibly say, "I was thinking heavy thoughts and that translated to my physical being") I'm now back down to 8 pounds shed, which makes me happy. Four pounds to my initial goal, 33.2 to my final goal.

[Day11 Metabosol]
AM Metabosol Mix (6:30AM)
+ 16 oz water. Not only are the Super Fat Burner pills getting stuck in my throat, the Ca-aspartate gets stuck too. It's really gross and uncomfortable.

4 slices bacon, limp (1g, 180cal)
16 oz water
12 oz diet coke with lime

AM Supplements

orange Diet Rockstar (2g, 20cal)
Tabasco Slim Jim (2g, 150cal)

4 oz (actually, more like 3, but who's counting?) steak (0g, 241cal)
1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal)
8oz snow peas (11.45g, 91.6cal)
grape Diet Rockstar (2g, 20cal)

(calorie and carb count before the fall:
22.95g carb
755.6 calories)

I'm a little worried because I just found out that there's an excursion to the Fish for our other student's graduation and send-off. There are *no* low carb options there, with the exception of water...

...and indeed reason to worry.
2 imperial pints of Hodgson's IPA (38.1g, 583cal - I guessed this based on figures for some other IPAs with similar alcohol content, though those were 6.5%min, and this was 5.5%)
2 coconut prawns (8.9g, 217.6cal)

by the way, my tolerance for alcohol - specifically beer - has plummeted. While I can normally have 2 shots of whiskey and I'm buzzed, I had the equivalent of 2.5 beers and I was *smashed*. I waited a bit and drowned my drunkenness in sushi.

1 cup miso soup (4g, 36cal)
1 Hawaiian poki roll (12.7g, 188cal)
1 spicy scallop hand roll (17g, 117cal)
6-pc salmon nigiri (0g, 246cal)

went home and went soundly asleep - didn't take my evening supplements or PM Metabosol Mix

2143.2cal (414.8g less than the last cheat day)
103.65g carb (21.1g less than the last cheat day)

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