Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 June 2011 - Day 7 of Induction

15mg/dl ketones

Snack (to temper meds):
1 deviled egg (0.3g, 51cal)
1 cup tea with cream (1g, 40cal)

spent a good amount of time  chasing Ivanka around the apartment to get her back in her cage. In the process I stepped on the water bottle holder and it punctured my foot in two spots. I had to lance it open to make it bleed. I think I need a tetanus booster.

AM Supplements:
same as yesterday

3 egg omelet with meaty goodness n cheese
-eggs (1.5g, 231 cal)
-3oz meat (0g, 250cal)
-1oz cheese (1g, 113cal)
-broccoli, 4 tufts (4g, 12cal)
-carrots, 6 small baby carrots (3g, 15cal)
-2x tea with half and half (2g, 80cal)

2 deviled eggs (0.6g, 102cal)
1 cornichon (0g, 0cal)
2 garlic stuffed olives (0g, 14cal)
diet mountain dew

4.8mi walk (1.2mi. down Judd and back, 3.6 miles to Ross and back)

8oz chuck stew meat, lean (0g, 544cal)
onion (4.5g, 24cal)
1 tbsp garlic (5g, 27cal)

22.9g carb

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