Sunday, June 19, 2011

18 June 2011 - A Bad Bad Day

Today was supposed to be a 'controlled' bad day but it didn't quite work out that way, thanks to the kimchee and my Guinness math error.

1 cup kimchee (4g, 60cal)
1 avocado (3.1g, 289cal)
2 tbsp sour cream (2g, 70cal)
french onion soup (1.5g, 9cal)

1 imperial pint Guinness (17g, 210cal)
1 shot Jameson (0g, 69cal)
4c. raw spinach (1.37g, 22cal)
parmesan (0.5g, 50cal)
1 egg (.61, 84cal)
2 slices bacon (0g, 80cal)
1 tbsp mystery dressing (4g?, 100cal?)

6oz steak (0g, 378cal)
4 tbsp sour cream (4g, 140cal)
french onion dip (6g, 36cal)
4c kimchee (15.86g, 238cal)

59.94g - p
I'm blaming the Guinness and the kimchee as the culprits. Without these two it would have been 1400some calories and 27g carbs - well within acceptable.
The kimchee problem is because the kimchee from #1 Korean Barbecue is sooooo amazingly good and I was feeling crappy and there were extenuating circumstances which needn't be mentioned in a public forum - best for me not to keep it in the house. I also had no idea just how many calories and grams are in a Guinness because all of the nutrition data are based on 12oz servings, except Guinness is served by the imperial pint.

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