Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June 2011 - Cheat Day

Today is the first day I'm trying out my Metabosol concoction. Damn I'm taking a lot of pills! Pictures to follow

Metabosol mix
16 oz water

1 egg (0.4g, 75cal - I am becoming very aware of how these numbers vary wildly, even on the same site)
2 tbsp whole flax seeds (0.35g, 117cal - somehow I doubt this is all absorbed...)
1 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 130cal)
tea with half&half (2g, 80cal)

AM Supplements:
The usual
16 oz water

1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal)
3 oz pork (0g, 142cal)
8 straw mushrooms - about 1/2 can? (1.3g, 20cal)
green onions - about 1? (0.6g, 8cal)

Justin's classic almond butter, 32g (2g, 200cal)

5:30PM - the Voyeur
Met a friend for drinks at the voyeur. They have one of those 'around the world in 80 beers' kinda dealios and I tried three of them:

Sinebrychoff Porter (a Finnish porter - given the Finn-o-phile I am, I had to try it) - not too bad! I'm not normally a porter kinda gal but this was pretty good. (19.3g carb, 218cal)

Bateman's Combined Harvest(an English multi-grain beer) - a bit too soft for my taste. It had good flavor, just no hoppy bite that I'm so accustomed to. (can't find nutrition info - I'll just guess - 19.3g, 218cal)

Orkney Skullsplitter (not a skull-splitter) -a barleywine. an acceptable but castrated beer with nothing particularly interesting about it except for its alcohol content.(can't find nutrition info - I'll just guess - 20g, 300cal)

Greek Salad - *no* idea what kind of calories were contained in this puppy. I'll guess 20g carb, 500cal? dunno.

Guinness (17g, 217cal)
Total Domination (18g carb, 280cal)

So I must give an editorial on The Voyeur. It is everything I dislike about Olympia distilled into one hipster hovel. The "waiters" were actively ignoring our table. Think about it people. Young student-type=poor, Old people=possible disposable income. Maybe you should think about devoting a little time at the table that may fetch you a decent tip. The food was fair to middling. The decor was juvenile at best, puerile if you're feeling less generous. The state of cleanliness perhaps was intended to build patrons' immune systems. And the bathroom. It was nasty enough that I felt like I was catching an STD just by looking at it. "Set your meat hole here." was scrawled on the toilet seat. The grafitti on the walls was not even cool. There was no stack of toilet liners high enough to protect me from the creepy. Thank god my quads have the strength for a quality hover.

forgot my evening supplements and my evening Metabosol

825cal + 1733cal (cheat portion of the day) =2558 cal-p [160cal fewer than last cheat day]
11.15g carb + 113.6 (cheat portion of the day) =124.75g carb [68g fewer than last cheat day]

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