Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29 June 2011 - Day 10 Metabosol, Day 9 Induction

I'm now down 7lb. I'm starting to think that the 1-2 shots of whiskey I'm having just before bedtime aren't all that bad -- though I probably should not be mixing that with my 'Metabosol mix'.

The pills are killing me, especially the Super Fat Burner ones - I don't know why they make supplements as big ol' freakin' horse pills because it takes a lot of water to get those puppies to not get stuck in my espohagus. I'm debating whether to pulverize them or not because I wonder if there's also an issue with absorption because they are monster horse pills.

AM Metabosol Mix (6:45AM)

Breakfast (7:30AM)
1 can water chestnuts (8g, 40cal)
4 slice bacon, limp (1g, 180cal)
1 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 130cal)

AM Supplements (8:00 AM)

Snack (10:30AM)
Justin's classic almond butter, 32g (2g, 200cal)
diet Mountain Dew (0g, 0cal) OMG I can hardly wait until the caf re-stocks some better sodas!!!

crap. we're having a going-away pizza party for our student who just graduated. I foresee food-pushing in my near future...

...whew! I made it! There was a pizza and salad but no pushing - yay! :-)

Lunch (12:30PM)
the topping from 1/2 slice pizza (2g, 100cal - I'm just pulling that out of thin air)
2 cups salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (6g, 140cal - I'm pulling that out of somewhat thicker air)

Snack (3:00PM)
2 cups radish sprouts (2.8g, 32cal)
1 diet coke with lime (0g, 0cal)

Dinner (6:30PM)
2 oz kippered salmon (1g, 90cal)
4oz steak (0g, 241cal)
2 tbsp brewer's yeast (2g, 60cal)

PM Supplements (6:30PM)

1 shot whiskey (0g, 120cal)

PM Metabosol Mix (11:30PM)


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