Friday, June 17, 2011

17 June 2011 - Day 12 of Induction

I'm wondering if I'm feeling crappy from the tetanus booster. It looks like a big spider bite on my arm and it's hot, sore, and achy and I am sooo-o-o-o-o tired. I looked at the pamphlet that I got at the doctor's office and it looks like those are all fairly common "side effects" (if it's in 25% of recipients, how is it a side effect and not just an effect!?)

1 cup kimchee (4g, 59cal)
2 oz cheddar cheese (2g, 226cal)
1 cup tea with cream (0g, 50cal)

12 oz breve w/shot of s/f hazelnut (stepping off the coffee wagon...;11.4, 318cal, $5.08)
2 tbsp almond butter (2g, 180cal, $1.10)

1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal)
3oz pork steak (hella lean and not very good; 0g, 250cal)

1 cup kimchee (4g, 59cal)
1 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 130cal)
2 tbsp flax seeds, whole (0.46g, 110cal)
2 eggs (0.8g, 149cal)

1 medium avocado (3.77g, 330cal, $1.25)
1 tsp sea salt (0g, 0cal)
2 tbsp sour cream (1g, 60cal)

whoa I overdid it today. And I have to be *really* vigilant tomorrow because it is lunch at a bar with a saboteur. I'm going to see what a little bit of whiskey does to my diet. I'm thinking one or two shots.

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