Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June 2011 - Day 9 Metabosol, Day 8 Induction

OK I'm starting to lose weight again. I am down a net of 6.4 pounds.

2 cups Italian wedding soup
-1/2 cup spinach, cooked (1g, 15cal)
-2 cups chicken broth (2g, 10cal)
- 3 oz pork sausage (0g, 225cal)
-1/2 egg (0g, 45cal)
2 oz brie (0g, 200cal)

1 orange diet rockstar on the way to work (2g, 20cal)

orange diet rockstar (2g, 20cal)
1 dill pickle (2g, 16cal)
4oz steak (0g, 241cal)
2 cups radish sprouts (2.8g, 32cal)

2 oz smoked salmon (2g,90cal)
2 cans water chestnuts (16g, 80cal)
2 oz brie (0g,200cal)

1242 cal

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