Thursday, June 2, 2011

02 June 2011 - Day 11 of Induction

hmmph. I'm out of ketosis. I'm blaming the shing shangs. Won't touch them again until Sunday.

OK this might be time for me to expand the scope of the documentation to OCD proportions

Supplements before b-fast:
lysine 1500mg (I'm fighting off this derned cold)
olive leaf extract (good for fighting colds n flu)
vitamin A/D
regular meds
16oz water

2 oz pork sausage (0g, 200cal)
2 eggs (0.5g, 190cal)
1.5 oz cheddar (1.5g, 170cal)
1 tsp garlic (3g, 9cal)
1 cup black tea with cardamom and 1/2tsp rhodiola (0g, 0cal)

1 green pepper (4g, 24cal)
4 oz pork country ribs (0g, 400cal)
16 oz water

1L water
1/4 cup sunflower seeds (4.75g, 190cal)

40 min walk on campus

1L water

edamame - 2cups unshelled (6g, 260cal)
1 cup miso soup (6g, 84cal)
1 tbsp squid sld (5g, 37cal)
4 oz salmon sashimi (0g, 232 cal)
4 oz shiro maguro sashimi (0g, 160cal)
large glass water (0g, 0cal)

1956 cal
30.75g carb

ooh I grilled up a storm tonight and I'm ready for a week's worth of porky goodness!! :-D
note: ways to do sushi better: skip the squid salad entirely. don't get the edamame

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