Sunday, June 5, 2011

05 June 2011- Cheat Day

Breakfast: (7:30AM)
4 cups italian wedding soup
 -1/2 egg (0g, 45cal)
 - 3 oz pork sausage (0g, 225cal)
 - 1 cup cooked spinach (2g, 30cal)
 - 4 cups chicken broth (4g, 20cal)

1 cup black tea with cardamom and 1/2 tsp rhodiola
no supplements

2 16-oz total domination IPA (36g, 560cal)
1 glass water
1 olive (0g, 7cal)

2 16-oz total domination IPA (36g, 560cal)
1glass water

1/2 Hawaiian poki roll (20g, 160cal)
1/2 calamari tempura roll (36g, 280cal)
1/2 lacey? roll (spicy tuna roll with fishies on top; 13g, 150cal)
2 salmon nigiri (9g, 68cal)
1/8 cup squid salad (4g, 21cal)
1 cup miso soup (1g, 38cal)
1 full sail IPA (16g, 248cal)

1 longhammer IPA (16g, 248cal)

193g carb

by the time I went to bed, my whole right side was aching, I could feel the bones in my right hand and arm, and my right leg and foot were swollen. hmmmm. there might be something to this. Next cheat day I will try whisky and sake with sushi and see if that makes a difference.

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