Friday, June 10, 2011

10 June 2011 - Day 5 of Induction

15g/dl ketones
-7.6 pounds (3.4lb to initial goal-point, 43.6lb to final goal)

AM Supplements:
320mg fenugreek
500mg lysine
Vitamin A/D (20,000IU, 800IU, respectively)
Multivite (Equate Women's multivite/multimin with Ca, Fe, Zn)
Olive leaf extract, 500mg

2 eggs (1g, 198cal)
1.5oz cheese (1.5g, 170cal)
1 tsp garlic (2g, 9cal)
1 tsp hot pepper flakes
1 cup black tea with cardamom
12 oz mountain dew (0g, 0cal)

1 meatball (2.15g, 34cal)
1 stalk celery (0g, 6cal)
2 med shrimp (0g, 12cal)
1 oz feta (1g, 74cal)
1 oz ham (1g, 46cal)
1 chicken wing (0g, 64cal)
1/4c raw spinach (0g, 0cal)

1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal)
12oz diet mountain (0g,0cal)

Early dinner:
5oz(?) pork chop (0g, 400cal)
12oz diet mountain (0g,0cal)

Graduation Party:
2 med shrimp (0g, 12cal)
1/2 stalk asparagus (1g, 4cal)
2 garlic cloves (2g, 8cal)
1/2 oz goat cheese (0.5g, 51cal)
16 oz seltzer water (0g, 0cal)

2tbsp coconut oil (0g, 260cal)
12oz diet mountain (0g,0cal)

1302 cal
16.65g carb

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