Thursday, June 9, 2011

09 June 2011 - Day 4 of Induction

Slight amount (but not zero!) in the AM.

My Lucky Vitamin order (except for the calcium aspartate) showed up!! Almost time to start my supplement experiment! I will start at the beginning of next week once I have all the supplements divvied up and ready to go.
From what I've been reading on Michael Eades' blog, Metabosol has to be taken on an empty stomach that ideally stays empty for an hour thereafter. This would mean that on days that I take the bus, I would have to take my breakfast with me and eat it at work. Not a big deal, but it would take some preparation and getting used to. It also looks like other supplements should be taken separately because they would compete for absorption; therefore, I should take my other supplements and my meds when I get to work as well. Once again, just a change in habits that I need to make. But it supports the whole idea of my waiting until next week to start my experiment. I'm thinking on day 8 of induction.

Breakfast (7:30AM)
2 slices cheese (1g, 160cal)
2 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 226cal)
16 oz water (0g, 0cal)

AM supplements (8:30AM)
500mg lysine
Vitamin A/D (20,000IU, 800IU, respectively)
Multivite (Equate Women's multivite/multimin with Ca, Fe, Zn)
Olive leaf extract, 500mg
16 oz water (0g, 0cal)

On the way to work (9:00AM)
orange diet rockstar (2g, 20cal)

At work - I'm drowning the bullshit in taurine, caffeine, B-vitamins, and milk thistle(11:15AM)
grape diet rockstar (2g, 20cal)

1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal)
4 oz pork chop (0g, 300cal)
8 oz water

2 slices peppercorn smoked white cheddar (1g, 160cal)
8 oz water

Racquetball, 35min (allegedly 355 cal burned)

8 oz water
1 diet mountain dew (0g, 0cal)

2 eggs (1g, 196cal)
1.5oz cheddar (1.5g, 170cal)
1 tbsp bacon fat (0g, 100cal)
2 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 226cal)
24oz diet mountain dew (0g, 0cal)

13g carbs (good!)
1657 calories (you *need* to rein this in!!)

I consumed almost 500calories in cheese. This is why I need to cut back on it. The smoked peppercorn cheddar was fabulous, but now I know not to buy it ever again unless I want a mini-pig-fest on my hands.

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