Friday, July 1, 2011

01 July 2011 - Day 40

I'm starting to re-think how I title these things. I'm not really doing 'induction' because my diet strategy is to do two-ish weeks of low carb (in the 20g range) with calorie restriction, and then one day of binge where I don't limit the carb and calories as much. I think what I will end up doing from this point on is just saying what day I am on in the dieting journey, because that is more meaningful.

I have now shed 8.6 pounds, I am 3.4 pounds to my initial goal and 32.6 pounds to my final goal. In light of my shenanigans yesterday, I didn't take a ketones measurement.

AM Metabosol (12th day o' Metabosol) - 7:00AM - dang these pills *suck*. I can hardly wait until Dr. Eades stocks some more Metabosol so I can try the real stuff in powder form 'cuz it's gotta be better than these nasty horse pills!

3 oz pork roast (0g, 142cal)
12 oz diet coke with lime (0g, 0cal)

4 oz steak (0g, 241cal)
1 can baby corn (4.5g, 53cal) - this is my *last* can of baby corn! I think I can do without my carby crutch now.

Justin's classic almond butter, 32g (2g, 200cal)
Sesame snaps, 2 (6g, 150cal)
6 corn chips (6g, 70cal)

KFC - 2 Original Recipe drumsticks (6g, 240cal)
KFC - 1 wing (3g, 120cal)
KFC - 1 thigh (7g, 160cal)
16 oz s/f lemonade (2g, 10cal)

1389cal, 38g

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