Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July 2011 - Day 52

Happy Birthday Jenny! :-)

I'm a little behind on posting calorie counts because of my job search - I'll add them in as I can
 Not to mention it, I'm out of usable lunch foods in the house so I need to take care of that asap. Being hungry at work where there is a whole host of crappy food is the fast track to my cheating on this diet

AM Metabosol 7:45AM

1 tbsp peanut butter (2g, 100cal)

AM Supplements (8:40AM)

1 Tabasco Slim Jim (2g, 150cal)
1 Monster Lo-Carb (2g, 20cal)

salami (1g, 400cal)
1 Monster Lo-Carb (2g, 20cal)
1 pickle

8 oz salmon (0g, 400cal)
1/4c almond flour (1g, 145cal)
1 egg (0.4g, 75cal)

3 michelob ultras (7.8g, 285cal)

1595 cal
18.2g carb

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