Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 July 2011 - Failed Re-Start

17 potato chips. wow we're off to a good start here...

Tea with cream (2g, 40cal)
mondo Slim Jim (3g, 300cal)

Gave blood - synchronicity is abounding. The woman at the snack table was doing kumihimo -- one of my backburner projects -- I braided for a bit while I was there and this may be proper inspiration for me to take that along as a drive-across-the-country project
1 can V-8

5oz pork steak (0g, 500cal)
1/4c cashews

Got invited out for drinks...
1 Guinness
1 Alaskan Brewing Co. Double Black IPA
3 shots whiskey
sigh. really not good considering I gave blood today. double sigh. I can hardly wait until the sparkle of leaving wears off so people are not inclined to buy me drinks because I can't say no to a good microbrew... or a good whiskey.

1/4c almond flour
1 egg

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