Wednesday, July 6, 2011

06 July 2011 - Day 45

1/4c. almond flour (1g, 145cal)
1 egg (1g, 75cal)
1 tsp butter (0g, 33cal)
black tea with cardamom & half and half (2g, 40cal)

5 deviled eggs (1.5g, 255cal)
1/2cup radish sprouts (0.7g, 8cal)
1 oz salmon (0g, 57cal)
16oz water
black tea with cream (2g, 40cal)

45 min walk on campus

1 slice smoked cheddar with peppercorns (0.5g, 80cal)
1 oz gorgonzola (0.5g, 100cal)
8 oz salmon (0g, 454cal)
1 tsp coconut oil (0g, 40cal)
orange creme flavored water (0g, 0cal)
2 shots scotch (0g, 240cal)

9.2g carb
1567cal (a little better than yesterday...)

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