Friday, July 15, 2011

General Diet Commentary

I'm noticing some general patterns with this diet. First, as my life has gotten more hectic and ridiculous (i.e. full-time job, interviewing for another job, submitting materials for yet another job, 5 credit accelerated programming class, trying to have a semblance of a social life) I've gotten a bit lax on the diet. Specifically, too high a consumption of alcohol, nuts, and cheese. Additionally, I've been adding small amounts of chocolate which is unusual because I'm not really a chocolate person and because I don't normally crave sweets. All of this is not ideal because alcohol, nuts, and cheese are inflammatory and the alcohol is sapping my energy and the alcohol and chocolate are most likely slowing weight loss. I will continue to 'dial-it-in' on the low carb most likely until Tuesday, however, because tomorrow I drive up to Vancouver to see Doug Stanhope (one of the best comedians *evar*) and Monday I fly to New York for an interview (!!).

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