Monday, July 11, 2011

10 July 2011 - Day 49 [cheat day]

AM Metabosol

2 cups jasmine tea (0g, 0cal)

AM Supplements

-3eggs? (1.2g, 225cal)
-2oz cheese? (2g, 200cal)
-2oz random meaty bits? (2g, 200cal)
-2 slices tomato (2g, 10cal)
-broccoli (2,5g, 21cal)
whiskey and diet coke (0g, 120cal)
whiskey and water (0g, 120cal)
total domination (18g, 280cal)

Korean BBQ
-beef brisket (0g, 500cal)
-shrimp (1.5g, 200cal)
-kimchee (5g, 30cal)
-bean sprouts (1g, 11cal)
-~1oz seitan (2.5g, 40cal)
-bean paste (9g, 40cal)
-oil with salt (0g, 100cal)

"Dinner" , well sorta
5 sugarfree turtles (5g, 400cal)
1 fig "cookie", the cookie part mostly removed, 'cuz it was gross - the fig part was good tho'
2 tbsp peanut butter (4g, 200cal)
1 cup radish sprouts (1.4g, 16cal)

2713cal (wow!)
57.1g carb (still waiting on cookie stats)

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