Tuesday, July 5, 2011

05 July 2011 - Day 44

Woke up with some tightness in my lungs, right ankle a little swollen
AM Metabosol (7:30AM)

Breakfast (8:00AM)
3 slices smoked cheddar with peppercorns (1.5g, 240cal; I said I wouldn't buy this again but I did. Maybe I can exercise more control this time around with the cheesy tasty goodness...)

AM Supplements

On the way to class (8:30AM)
16oz tea with half and half (2g, 40cal)

Today was the first day of Introduction to Programming in Visual Basic. The class time really sucks because it's 9:15AM to 10:50AM. That means I get to work at 11:15ish and have to take an hour of leave each day *and* work until 7:15 to make up the time difference. Sigh.

4 oz steak (0g, 241cal)
1/4c guacamole (1.16g, 91cal)
1 low carb brownie (4g, 350cal)

8.66g carb

3 slices smoked white cheddar with peppercorns (1.5g, 240cal)
4oz steak (0g, 241cal)
3 tsp Brewer's yeast (3g, 60cal)
2 shots scotch (0g, 240cal)
1 qt Bojenmi tea (0g, 0cal)

right ankle *really* swollen by bedtime

13.16g carb
a little high on the calories but the carb count is good. way to inch back onto the wagon!

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