Friday, July 15, 2011

14 July 2011 - Day 53

crapp I'm falling behind on this!

side note: I'm getting tendonitis now in *both* wrists so it's hurting to type. I just ordered a new mouse because the pain/tingling/numbness are getting really bad. It's from doing waaay too much content analysis with a failing mouse where both buttons are *really* hard to click. I googled it and found out this is a symptom of the springs wearing out. I swapped my mouse out with the new one from the student desk (budget cuts = no student worker over the summer) and that mouse is a whisper lite clicking extravaganza! The bad thing is that my wrists are still on fire and I need to baby them. Anyhow. Enough excuses. Here's my food log from yesterday.

AM Metabosol

1/4c almond flour (1g, 145cal)
1 egg (0.4g, 75cal)
4 drops stevia (0g, 0cal)
1/4tsp vanilla (0g, 0cal)
tea with cardamom & half and half (2g, 40cal)

AM Supplements

4oz pork ribs (0g, 400cal)
1 pickle (2g, 16cal)
1 cup radish sprouts (1.4g, 16cal)

Justin's classic almond butter, 32g (2g, 200cal)

Italian wedding soup
-4c chicken broth (4g, 20cal)
-1c frozen spinach (2g, 30cal)
-4oz pork sausage (0g, 300cal)
3 shots whiskey (0g, 360cal)
2 michelob ultras (5.2g, 190cal)
I realized I'm self-medicating because the whiskey is dulling the pain from my wrists. Maybe I need to take the healthier (and less tasty) route of ibuprofen.

19g carb

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