Sunday, May 29, 2011

29 May 2011 - Day 7 of Induction

Supposed to go to brunch with a friend of mine today at Pints and Quarts - it is going to be a major test because I am a sucker for IPAs and I am am going to be in the belly of the beast.

Breakfast (7:30)
2 oz brie (0g, 200cal)
3 oz salmon (0g, 156cal)
500ml coke zero (0g, 0cal)
16oz water (0g, 0cal)
1 shot hops tea (0g?, 0cal?)

Lunch (11:30)
Carnivore omelet (looked like about 3 eggs and 3 oz random porky beefy meat and 3 oz cheese?) 790cal?
 -3 eggs (1.5g, 190cal)
 -3 oz random meat (0g, 300cal)
 -3 oz cheese (3g, 300cal)
2 cups tea with half and half (3g, 100cal)
1 quart water (0g, 0 cal)

Snack (2:00)
2 oz brie (0g, 200cal)

3 sticks gum (0g, 15cal)

Snack (4:00)
2 oz brie (0g, 200cal)
water chestnuts (8g, 40cal)
1L water
1L tangerine lime flavored water (not very good; 0g, 0cal)

Dinner (7:00)
1 serrano pepper (0g, 2cal)
4 oz baked salmon (0g, 208 cal)
2c. stir fried vegetables (8g, 60cal)
1L lemon flavored water (0g, 0cal)

1971 cal
23.5g carb


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