Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May 2011 - Day 3 of Induction

2 eggs (2g, 142 cal)
1.5 oz cheese (2g, 170 cal)
1 tsp garlic (3g, 9 cal)
red pepper flakes (0g, 0 cal)
pepper & sea salt (0g, 0 cal)
1 cup of Constant Comment green tea (0g, 0 cal)

8oz water chestnuts (8g, 40cal)

6oz pork country ribs (2g, 558cal)
1 cup of Constant Comment green tea (0g, 0 cal)
1L water (0g, 0 cal)

45 min walk on campus

Korean BBQ #1
Behold the foodening!
This was beef brisket and shrimp barbecue with all the fixin's
Sigh. so what I schnuffed up was:
~1/2c kimchee (5g , 30cal)
1/3c. bean sprouts (1.3g, 11 cal)
2 pc. pickled zucchini (no idea. 1g 10cal? - just hazarding a guess)
1 cup salad with dressing (I'm guessing a tbsp of dressing + 8 cal for lettuce, 118 cal, 1g carb)
1 cup jjigae soup (10g? 114cal - no idea on net carbs because not separated out)
6 mondo shrimp (about 4 oz? 1.5g 120cal)
beef brisket - 6oz? 8 oz? I have no idea how much - assuming 6oz (0g, 500cal)
salted oil dip (0g, 100cal)
spicy bean paste, 1 tbsp (9g, 40cal)
large glass water (0g, 0cal)

17g carbs + 28.8g carbs at dinner = 46g carb
919 calories + 1046 calories at dinner = 1965 calories total

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