Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 May 2011 - Day 4 of Induction

woke up feeling *very* tired and woozy. I think the low carb is starting to 'kick in'

2 eggs (2g, 142 cal)
1 oz cheese (1g, 113 cal)
2/3c headless shing shangs (2g, 240 cal)
1 shot coconut milk (1g, 150 cal)
1 cup black tea with cardamom (0g, 0 cal)

in case you don't know what a shing shang is, let alone a headless one:

baby corn (6g, 75 cal)
1 cup Constant Comment green tea (0g, 0 cal)

4 oz pork country ribs (2g, 400cal)
1L water (0g, 0cal)

45 min walk on campus

feeling really gross, hungry, tired, woozy dizzy - I hate this part of induction.

1 tbsp brewer's yeast (31cal, 1.8g)
4 strips bacon (1g, 180cal)
2 oz cheddar (2g, 226 cal)
2 tbsp coconut oil (0g, 232cal)
1/4c. sunflower seeds (5g, 186cal)

1/3c headless shing shangs (1g, 120 cal)
1 cup cardamom black tea (0g 0 cal)

24.8g carb
2095cal (!)

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  1. i love the name headless shing shangs. :D great job keeping the carbs down. hopefully you'll influence me to follow suit!

    here are the ingredients for pentabosol: if i read correctly, it's the same as metabosol but with artificial sweetener. however i didn't notice any sweetener at all.