Wednesday, August 3, 2011

03 Aug 2011 - ok let's try this again

Over the past couple weeks the combination of being really demoralized from gaining half the weight back I lost over 50 days back again in only 10 and that I have 5 separate groups of friends all of which are suddenly wanting to socialize with me over food and much drink now that I am going to be leaving for New York -- I have not been one for continuing with documenting my food intake. Why bother? I'm a fat fuck who is going to stay a fat fuck for life evidently. My body's against me, my social circles are against me, my crazy crazy hectic life is against me.

But now I have some renewed inspiration. I scheduled an appointment for the third at Swedish Weightloss Center with Dr. Lindquist. He came recommended by Dr. Eades, which is a five-star seal of approval in my books. I went to the appointment feeling drunk on hypoglycemia because I literally had *no time* to eat once I had forgotten to eat breakfast and I have no snacks in the house because I haven't had time for grocery shopping -- started my homework at 4:30AM, worked on it until 8:30, drove to class, worked on my homework in class, turned in my homework after class, drove like a bat out of hell up to Swedish and there ya go. By the time I had a second to eat, it was 3:00PM -- and it was a low carb kibble sample in the office. - oh - and a lemony calcium citrate chewy snak - waaaaaaay to sweeet :-&

Anyhoo, the skinny of what I learned from the visit is:

(a) I am fat fat super fat uber fat teh water rat - but like I didn't know that;
(b) I've lost an inch in height over the past 2 years (??);
(c) My target calories are too high;
(d) I need to eat a lot less more often; and
(e) I'm not eating enough protein

So I'm changing the diet parameters listed in the header. I know this is the 'going away' time for me and I'm going to have to fend off saboteurs, one of them being my own penchant for IPAs and sushi - but I will allow two formally sanctioned days for cheating between now and when I leave on the 25th.

So here's what I ate on the 3rd:
(AM) - orange creme flavored water (0g, 0cal)
(3PM) - salty lo carb kibbles n' bits (thank goodness I was super hungry because they wouldve been even more terrible if I weren't) (cal, carb unk)
       - sweet chewy lemony Ca-citrate snax (see note above)
(6PM) - Ninkasi Total Domination IPA (18g, 280cal)
(9PM) - 1 small zucchini (2g, 10cal)
 -3 oz pork (0g, 300cal)
orange creme flavored water
(12PM) - 1 small zucchini (2g, 10cal)
-3 oz pork (0g, 300cal)
orange creme flavored water

total: 900cal + kibble calories
22g carb + kibble carbs

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